A Lot of Weather

Day 3: Wednesday

Good morning Zak,

My initial plan was to use this blog mostly for conversations about the weather.  If you want to throw in some of the nuts and bolts of financial modeling, then do your thing but don’t go over board.  I mean, Zak, we can spice things up a little bit, but let’s not give our readers more than they can handle.

So we’ve had some rainy weather recently here in Milan, and the other day I was walking home in some of that rain, when the cross-walk sign in front of me turned yellow.  Normally I would run across the street in a situation like that, but there was a couple walking in front of me, taking their time and… enjoying themselves.

Some people say that “bad” weather makes them a bit down.  English speakers even say that they are “under the weather” whenever they’re not feeling one hundred percent.  I’ve always kind of liked the rain and the clouds.  I’m not sure if it would do the meteorologically judgmental people any good to point out that, unless they are airplane pilots or astronauts, there’s a pretty good chance they spend most of their lives under the weather.  Like it or not.

In the park there was a lady singing and a dude plucking a guitar under a plastic awning.  Random people were stopping and doing their best to dance and not slip on the wet cobblestone walkway.  On Saturday I had seen a performance of The Marriage of Figaro at Milan’s world famous opera house, La Scala.  But nobody in the audience had gotten up to dance.  I guess sometimes bad singing is better than good singing.

Milanese Cobblestone Walkway

Zak, you might wonder why so many great artists throughout history have come from Italy.  At the Conservatory they’ll tell you it’s because the Italians use really good technique, I think it’s mainly because they stop to kiss each other in the rain when the walking sign in front of them is about to change to red.

At this point some of our more creative readers are asking themselves, “is this post somehow about the election?”  I’m not here to judge you, creative readers; I’m not here to judge anyone.  I know the world revolves around the red and blue of US politics, so consider this my acknowledgment of the elephant in the room.  Make whatever you will of things, but if you’re tired of the world of politics, consider entering a different world.

Tom Skilling seems to capture my sentiments very well every time he comes on channel 9 and says, “there’s a lot of weather out there.”  That’s precisely the situation.  Traveling the world is showing me that there is a lot of weather out there.  It’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing.  It’s just kind of interesting.  Zak, let’s hope for more weather soon.

Until tomorrow,


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