Stop and Enjoy the … Weather?

Day 4: Thursday

Morning, Tim!

Do you carry an umbrella when it rains? I’m picturing something with a wonderfully curved, wooden handle — sleek, black, perhaps “modern chic” (it is Milan after all)? I’m curious just what it means to “kind of like the rain and the clouds.”

I’m not sure if it would do the meteorologically judgmental people any good to point out that, unless they are airplane pilots or astronauts, there’s a pretty good chance they spend most of their lives under the weather.  Like it or not.

My immediate thought was “ahh some wit!” But then, this can’t be right. Even if one is an airplane pilot or astronaut, they live no more under the weather than anyone else; all of us simply live in it (with acknowledgement, my dear brother, that an astronaut may have brief periods of escape).

And this living in is something I’ve enjoyed about life, about weather. We are in it, fully immersed; and, importantly, we are in it together, whether we like it or not. Through good times and bad, we weather what comes our way, and make choices about how to respond, how to move forward.

I get to visit some family today – I’m reminded how blessed I am to have support when weathering what can feel like the rollercoaster of life. That support includes the relationship we get to have, Tim, bantering away, simply sharing in life’s adventures together here on Thily Fin!

Wise old Tom is right – there really is “a lot of weather out there.” And because we get to choose how we respond – perhaps to dance in the park, to kiss in the rain, to learn diligently about others – we should pause and reflect, reflecting on the supports around us, on the response we want to give to the adventure we are on.

Until tomorrow,




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