Them’s fightin words (Happy Boxing Day)

Day 36: Monday

Morning, Tim!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I saw you, so I anticipate it went pretty well. Re-reading that sentence seems narcissistic – you see I wasn’t meaning to imply it was good because you saw me, but because I saw you seemingly enjoying your day.

On that note, Happy Boxing Day. In case you aren’t familiar, Boxing Day is the day following Christmas. Notably, it’s the day everyone is returning all the stuff they don’t want from the previous day. Angry because of the long lines while return shopping, fights often break out, ending the holiday cheer – thus Boxing day.

I’ll be driving today – hopefully it isn’t raining so I can think a bit throughout the trip. I haven’t been able to think much through, but I have an interest in combining my recent writing on technology and automation with your ongoing musings on poetry, music, and art in general. More to come (an early morning, so keeping this brief…).


I defend your huffing and puffing with bricks. No blowing my base down. I lull your base into complacency with a sleepy kitten (not drawn, still counts. See rule #1)

Until tomorrow,


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