Relative humor

Day 40: Friday

Morning, Tim!

Isn’t it funny how life is constant change? Not simply in the you were once a 12 year old boy kind of way, though that applies too. Rather, so often life feels in flux. When we are young, it is changing school grades, always climbing to be  the “alpha” grade, head-honchos in the school until we move on to another school where we are bottom rung. Then we leave school – a big change – and start working. We often meet others and start relationships, perhaps move, reconsider our religious beliefs, buy houses, have children, have grandchildren, change jobs, reacquaint with friends, mourn losses…

Each of these are substantive changes in their own right. When compared to smaller changes like a delayed train or a favorite restaurant closed, they are large and highly impactful on our lives. Relatively, all meaningful. We view them as such when they happen, especially when many fall so close together. But taken as a whole, life is full of these macro changes, too. Just depends on the lens, I suppose.

Free will is a funny thing. Whether one believes we have it or not, we act as though we do. Yet even if we do, it’s evident that free will is difficult to act on. We’re coming up on the new year – 2017. Time for many a new years resolution to be made, far, far fewer to be kept. Why is that? We have good intentions – we see what might make us live a “better” life. A healthier diet and more exercise, going back to school, quitting smoking, writing letters to friends, perhaps even blogging. Yet year after year we let ourselves down.

Discipline and consistency are difficult.

I wonder how to keep a new years resolution. Perhaps that’ll be mine this year: keeping a new years resolution.

Until Monday,



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