Your grandma is so…

Day 76: Wednesday

Morning, Tim!

I’m feeling under the weather today, so I’ll keep it brief.

Yesterday, my work hosted a 4-hour company-wide session discussing personalities. It’s a long time to spend not doing work…while at work. Yet, the insistence on and discipline in taking time to be introspective, to reflect on how we work well with others is admirable. I found there to be many useful things, such as how to think about forming groups in the context of the personality traits others bring, or how to frame asking for feedback/help to someone highly self-image conscious (within the team) as it reflecting on them as well.

Though for all of the (I’m sure very expensive) insights we found yesterday, it was the below gem I needed to hear this morning. From yesterday:

But an old grandma is fantastically disinterested. She doesn’t care about anything but the music right in front of her, and that music is simply a gift—no strings attached. I wish I could appreciate my peers the way an old grandma would.

So the moral of the story is be like an old grandma every now and then.

Grandmas appreciate like none other, in my experience. They relish wholeheartedly. Like a child’s innocence, a grandma’s overwhelming joy is such a beautiful thing to enjoy, to appreciate without the nuance or strings or blemishes.

Thanks for that image, Tim. I needed it.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. No one has joy like a grandma listening to John Philip Sousa.


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